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 OSHA Compliance

Annual OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) Training

Every Staff member in our office is required annually to participate in a one day in office OSHA training course.  Tom Terry is an expert in OSHA and is able to update the entire staff on new OSHA laws and guidelines.  Tom Terry  also thoroughly inspects our office and trains every staff member to make sure our office is as safe as possible for all patients and staff members.

Sterile Water Lines   

Studies performed on dental equipment has shown that bacterial organisms can live in water lines.  All of our dental units are on a sterile water system, using distilled water and a Dentapure DP365B water filter to eliminate the possibility of biofilm buildup.

Autoclave Sterilization

We use non-chemical steam autoclave sterilization on all instruments and dental handpieces.  This method is not only the safest method of sterilization for our staff and patients, but is the most environmentally friendly method as well.


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